With Finnest, planning for your foreign education will be worry-free. Finnest your way forward with expert guidance, offered at every step.

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With Finnest, an overseas financial consultancy, dedicated to supporting students such as yourself, you will find that accessing student loans for study abroad programmes is easier than you thought it could be.
When you picked the college of your dreams, you made the right decision and we are here to support you through that. Our diverse solutions for financing your dream education are designed to help you, and not confuse you.
We are a full-service consultancy that will be with you every step of the way, from getting your visa, to show money assistance that makes your balance confirmation happen easily, to helping you meet all other financial approval goals ahead of your journey.

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Why Choose Finnest

Transparency from start to finish

Secured dealings you can trust

Latest tech support

No co-signers, no collateral

24X7 assistance

Flexible interest rates for you

The Finnest Scorecard

From students to professionals

Dedicated and talented aspirants just like you are living and thriving overseas with our financial assistance options.

Realistic promises only

Pepare for the future with practical guidance and realistic expectations. At Finnest, we take our job seriously and ensure flawless support, every step of the way. A wrong move can cost both time and money and Finnest is committed to eliminating risks and unforeseen expenses from your study abroad plan.

Complete transparency

Every procedure and payment is explained clearly to you and your family before even commencing the process. You will find that Finnest are a delight to work with as we have absolutely no hidden fees or any other surprise costs.

Our Services

Overseas financial assistance that actually works.

Loans with no credit history

Whether it is graduate, post-graduate or PhD courses that you are on the look out for, we have immediate solutions for study abroad financial aid that do not require access to your credit history.

Financing your balance confirmation

Augment your application with a visibly strong bank balance (Fixed Deposit and Savings Account), supported by a balance confirmation letter as proof.

Easy financing for Visa approval process

We provide the financial assistance necessary for visa-filing procedures and have facilitated hundreds of applications with zero rejections.

Gold loans made simple

It is your right to finance your future the way you want it. For students who do not want to opt for a standard education loan, our gold loans have the most flexible rate of interest, any time, any where.

Simplifying bank procedures

Finnest understands the banking ecosystem better than other players and can steer you towards making the right choice. We are connected to all leading banks, ensuring hassle-free services in getting your balance confirmation letter.

Loans with lowest repayment rates

Studying abroad is an expensive proposition and the cost of living in a new country can lead to additional stress. Let Finnest assist you with loans that have the lowest repayment rate so that your life and needs are not compromised.


Over the years, hundreds of students have successfuly received their overseas education loans and pursued their higher education free from financial strain

The Finnest Freedom Club share their experiences

The loan service provided was excellent. They helped me with the entire procedures and suggested the bank as well. I have got support right from the start till the end. The loan amount sanctioned is Rs 21,35,000/- from ICICI Bank. I’m very much thankful to the team for the guidance & support.

Joby Cheriyan

University of Alberta Edmonton, Canada
Rs. 21,35,000/-

How we work

Third-party assistance that you can rely on

At Finnest, one of our seasoned financial counselors will guide you personally through all the necessary procedures. Your assigned counsellor will explain to you the step-by-step process of Visa approval.

Finnest then scrutinizes all documents and points out any errors so that nothing goes unnoticed by you. The duly verified documents are then forwarded along for necessary approvals.

With this our work is still not done, as Finnest strives to get you the lowest possible rate with a high chance of approval for your education loan.

How it works

Simple and Hassle-free working process

Get in touch with one of our seasoned financial counselors and we will explain to you step-by-step procedures for visa approval.

Your documents will then be verified and taken for further procedures with the bank.

Our strategic approach will let you to get the lowest possible rates, a higher chance of approval and expert services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers Here Now.


It covers the cost of tuition, living expenses, and transport in your chosen region of study.

Loans for education overseas are in the range of Rs 15 lakhs to Rs 1 crore and vary as per your need and eligibility.

Yes! Depending on your credit worthiness, you may be eligible for an unsecured loan.

In order to assess your financial capability of affording your education, embassies need to see proof of funds. The money that you 'show' the embassy, via a balance confirmation letter or bank statements, is known as "show money".

You can show proof of funds by producing your bank statement, procuring a certificate from the bank, or a combination of the two.